Stephan Lämmlein



Alter: 64
Beruf: Professor for Fluid Mechanics and Measurement Techniques at Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH), Germany
Modellflug seit: Model sailplane flying since 45 years
F3J seit: F3J competitions since 25 years
Eingesetztes Modell: Cyclone
Fernsteuersystem: Futaba

Junior Team Manager EC 2001 (SVK), WC 2002 (FIN), EC 2003 (ROM) and WC 2004 (CAN).

Helper at WC 2008 (TUR), WC 2010 (FRA), WC 2012 (RSA), EC 2015 (BUL)

Pilot at EC 2009 (POL) and WCH 2022 (SVK)

Proud father of much better performing Tobias (SUI). Participant on meteorologic research programmes with E-motor gliders in Himalaya (Nepal), Altiplano (Bolivia), Höfsjöküll (Iceland) and Allgäu (Germany).

F3J CIAM observer of German Aeroclub (DAeC).

FMT author (German model aircraft magazine) of F3J related topics